Pam Weil & Assoc. Show – Episode #2 – The (Thanksgiving) Movie Episode w/ Mark Deming

The Pam Weil & Assoc. Show
The Pam Weil & Assoc. Show
Pam Weil & Assoc. Show - Episode #2 - The (Thanksgiving) Movie Episode w/ Mark Deming

PWA Show #2 – The (Thanksgiving) Movie Episode

Pam kicks off her second episode of the show by digging into the movie bin and pulling out some of her favorite films, new and old. Behold – The (Thanksgiving) movie episode! Listen in as Pam and long-time associate, music/film critic Mark Deming talk Martin Scorcese’s Killers of the Flower Moon, Michael Mann’s Thief and take a ride with them as they take a circuitous journey towards the Thanksgiving movies that you and your family need to start a new holiday tradition. Conversational detours abound venturing into vampire movies, ham radio and Pam’s inability watch Archer without thinking that H. Jon Benjamin is anybody but Bob Belcher (Bob’s Burgers).

Pam and Mark’s Thanksgiving Movie Picks

About Mark Deming –

Mark Deming has been writing about music and film since he was in high school, as well as acting in a few films and singing in a few bands. Longtime Lansing-area residents may remember his work for the MSU State News in the 1980s and the Lansing Capital Times in the 1990s. These days, Mark writes about music for Xperi, who license his work to a number of leading streaming services and online music resources including All Music Guide, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Microsoft, Tidal, Yahoo, iHeartMusic, and many more. You can read his work at


Pam Weil & Assoc. Show – Episode #1 – Operations: Feelings To Action

The Pam Weil & Assoc. Show
The Pam Weil & Assoc. Show
Pam Weil & Assoc. Show - Episode #1 - Operations: Feelings To Action

Pam Weil and Assoc. Show – Episode #1 – Feelings To Action

Listen in as Pam has a far-reaching conversation with long-time associate, East Lansing resident, political consultant and Ingham County Commissioner, Mark Grebner on topics including housing discrimination, the appointment of new City Manager, Robert Belleman, a brief history lesson on East Lansing city managers and his opinions of what it takes to be a successful city manager. Tune in to this episode of the Pam Weil & Associates Show and get uncensored, straight-talk on East Lansing politics.


DevOps – A great work place = great work!

Jan Schilt’s written a great article here laying out what it takes to create and maintain the framework that allows for the most productivity with an eye on the service prize –

A great work place = great work!

Sounds like he works in a very empowered environment…

In my experience, I have found that a point person is required to manage the process, to play the roles of mediator between ‘tech’ and ‘leadership’, explaining ‘impact’ and budgetary concern in both directions –Providing the information each needs to integrate and inform decisions on moving forward; this is in addition to playing the ‘operational’ role of supporting and monitoring the structured change processes required to maintain the production environment, while facilitating the integration and mediation of customer ‘wants’ by managing expectations of internal and external customers. This must be done by providing meaningful information, this becomes the corner stone of future success.

High quality requires support from all sides, that is gained by gathering input from all stakeholders and providing the information each needs in a way that they can use…

No easy task, but when it is humming, there is nothing better.

Infrastructure requires incremental innovation

Elizabeth Weise’s USA Today article, Power outages a threat in cybersecurity order, highlights that infrastructure requires incremental innovation – radical / disruptive innovation must be contained in ‘acceptable loss bubbles’ , true ‘test’ environments with no impact on production services.

Radical / disruptive innovation is high risk and it has a high likelihood of generating black swans. Continuity and disruptive event planning and response work is many and varied and involves every aspect of a service. The up side is that the work returns value daily to the customer, the work place and to the bottom line. An article from the Incremental Innovation team elaborates on this further.




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