Pam Weil & Associates provides a variety of service management deliverables, all customized to your organization and environment, including:

  • Civic Engagement and Resilience
  • Service Continuity
  • Disaster Recovery Planning/Implementation
  • Service catalog development
  • Report/Data development
  • Services processes
  • Digital asset management

Pam Weil & Assoc. specializes in delivering the service and information you need to measure and improve customer satisfaction, optimize your service delivery metrics, support budget requests and to clearly articulate IT’s value to your organization. Our services will allow you to optimize your technology budget’s impact and give you the information you need for high-quality planning and vendor management

We use an agile, continuous integration project management methodology to provide meaningful bi-weekly deliverables, as well as continuous status monitoring. Our use of the industry standard ITIL/ Dev Ops framework means our service deliverables will dovetail with future development and vendor supported service aspects.

The Pam Weil & Assoc. team includes the highest-level DR certified practitioner as well as ITIL certified professionals with extensive experience in mature ITIL/DevOps IT enterprise environments including: Infrastructure, network, storage and security.  With over 20 years of disaster recovery planning, service catalog and operations development experience we guarantee that we will provide you and your organization with high value, actionable deliverables that will meet your needs and enhance your IT services management.