Infrastructure requires incremental innovation

Elizabeth Weise’s USA Today article, Power outages a threat in cybersecurity order, highlights that infrastructure requires incremental innovation – radical / disruptive innovation must be contained in ‘acceptable loss bubbles’ , true ‘test’ environments with no impact on production services.

Radical / disruptive innovation is high risk and it has a high likelihood of generating black swans. Continuity and disruptive event planning and response work is many and varied and involves every aspect of a service. The up side is that the work returns value daily to the customer, the work place and to the bottom line. An article from the Incremental Innovation team elaborates on this further.



Process has a real cost

In response to Paul Davidson’s USA Today article: Workers to recruiters: Make me an offer

People leave bosses not jobs, not prioritizing quality management and process has a real cost; this Huffington Post article, High turnover costs more than you think, by Julie Kantor frames the argument well.